Responsible for the evaluation of the project is evaluation specialist, who acts according to a timetable for the implementation of the evaluation. The evaluation will enable identifying the possible need to modify the approved program and increase the efficiency of project objectives through a qualitative estimation of its implementation. Internal evaluation will run continuously. After each operation evaluation of the project participants will be carried out. Periodic reports (every four months) and the final report will be prepared. The current assessment of the project will include control of the following areas: student recruitment, organization of workshops, study visits, conference, compliance with the program, participants progress, implementation and achievement of the objectives, financial expenses, promotion and dissemination of results.

Coordinator of Evaluation Małgorzata Jarosz-Milik AWF Warsaw Faculty of Rehabilitation Office of Physiotherapy Chair tel./fax.: +48(22) 834 35 14 e-mail: malgorzata.jarosz@awf.edu.pl