Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education In Warsaw (AWF Warsaw) – Project Promoter

AWF Warsaw, financed by Ministry of Science and Higher Education, has very strong academic programs in rehabilitation sciences and sport. Since the beginning of the Faculty of Rehabilitation (1984) the Disability Sport has been part of the original programs for physiotherapists. In the last 10 years the importance of the adapted physical activity area in the curriculum increased with 8 compulsory ECTS at the Ist level offered in 4 courses as well as at the IInd  level with 11 compulsory ECTS in 6 courses. Academic program focus on a various approaches to APA taking in deep consideration the need to develop specific knowledge, skills and competences for professionals and providing an answer to the specific individual needs identified at education, recreation, health, rehabilitation and sport. Faculty staff participated in 5 European thematic networks/projects in APA for last 15 years. University also closely cooperates with Foundation of Active Rehabilitation (the biggest NGO for wheelchair users in Poland).

AWF Warsaw is acting as coordinator of the project. More specifically, APA professionals from the Faculty of Rehabilitation (Department of Adapted Physical Activity, Department of Disability Sports and Chair of Physiotherapy) will provide an evidence based expertise contribution in areas such as physical activity for wheelchair users with special emphasize on wheelchair settings and maneuverability; assessment of physical activity in wheelchair users; prevention, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatments of spinal curvature disorders in wheelchair users. AWF Warsaw will coordinate the organization of:

  • two study visits in Poland
  • two workshops in Poland
  • international conference in Poland
  • publication of a book of abstracts
  • adaptation of Polish and English long version of IPAQ questionnaire for wheelchair users
  • translation of Wheelchair Skills Test Manual into Polish
  • production of a CD-Rom with the project results
  • construction and management of the project website.

AWF Warsaw will strongly support University of Iceland with all other project activities.

University of Iceland, School of Education – Partner Institution

The University of Iceland (UI), financed by Ministry of Education, Science and Culture is the leading research and educational institution in Iceland. UI offers 337 study programs (I, II and III level). The UI is organized into 5 schools. The School of Education is divided into 3 faculties including Faculty of Sport, Leisure Studies and Social Education. The School of Education has long experience in research in many areas such as: adapted physical activity, children health, children obesity, health management for the elderly and more. School of Education has for many years educated PE teachers specialized in teaching aquatics, swimming skills and lifesaving. Recently, with increased inclusion in Icelandic school system, the focus is placed how to teach them in normal school system. Teachers from School of Education have long experience in teaching and coaching children with disabilities from learn to swim program and up to Olympic and Paralympic level. School of Education have conducted researches on teaching and coaching able body children and children with special needs.

UI will be acting as Partner of the project. Experts of adapted physical activity from the Faculty of Sport, Leisure Studies and Social Education will provide an evidence based expertise contribution in areas such as aquatherapy and swimming for wheelchair users with special needs, and physical activity assessment of individuals on wheelchairs. UI will coordinate:

  • two study visits in Iceland,
  • workshop in Iceland during summer camp
  • adaptation of Icelandic long version of IPAQ for wheelchair users
  • translation of Wheelchair Skills Test Manual into Icelandic.

UI will strongly support AWF Warsaw with all other project activities.