WST þýðing

Translation of Wheelchair Skills Test /WST/ Manual into Polish

The Wheelchair Skills Test is an evaluation protocol of the Wheelchair Skills Program, the description of which as General Introduction can be found in the file general_intro_WSP_en.pdf. WST is a valid and reliable tool (Kirby et al. 20041) involving the most important elements of wheelchair skills applied by wheelchair users in their everyday activities. The aim of the translation of WST into Polish (WST-PL_manual_version_4_2_3.pdf) is to promote this tool in Poland and to unify terminology used in the field of wheelchair skills (names of technical skills and applied equipment), which shall facilitate the communication between patients and professionals.

The Polish version of WST (WST-PL) was revised for its content accuracy by the External Expert of the project dr hab. Tomasz Tasiemski, Associate Professor from the University of Physical Education in Poznan. In WST Folder original English files Wheelchair Skills Program General Introduction (general_intro_WSP_en.pdf) and Wheelchair Skills Test Manual (WST_manual_version_4_2_3.pdf) can also be found.