The project aims to contribute to more social inclusion of wheelchair users in Poland and Iceland by providing training for physiotherapy and physical education professionals who will be responsible for the inclusion of individuals with special needs in the areas of physical activities. The project purposes are:

  • development of cooperation between Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw and University of Iceland
  • preparation (adaptation/translation) of tools for physical activity assessment of wheelchair users,
  • dissemination of knowledge on theory and practice of APA with emphasis of wheelchair users needs gained through workshops, conference, publications and website.

The project aims are in accordance with purpose of FSS to enhance the human capital and knowledge base through mobility and institutional cooperation at higher education level. Many wheelchair users suffer from acute or chronic injuries/diseases due to wheelchair use, what further even more restrict their social participation and professional activity. It has been shown that sport and physical activity in general can lead to the empowerment and support of those who have both acquired and congenital disability. The quality and availability of educational programs in APA differs in European countries. This project has been prepared in the framework of the academic European Standards of Adapted Physical Activity (EUSAPA). In accordance with EUSAPA recommendations APA specific competencies should be integral parts of physical education and physiotherapy academic curriculum.

Physical education programs in Poland are very limited with information on APA, while in Iceland physical education programs do not include many information about wheelchair users. Thus, cooperation applies to the actual needs of both institutions and project target groups. Short term target-groups are physiotherapy and physical education students and academic teachers from Poland and Iceland who will participate in the project.

Long term target-groups, in Poland as well in Iceland, are individuals with special needs using wheelchairs and their families, APA experts working with wheelchair users, and academic teachers who train APA experts.